Group Lunches and Dinners (Tourist Menu)

Tourist Menu suggestion

Appetizer : Bread + butter + olives

Soup: Vegetable soup

Course: Fish or Meat

Drinks: Water or Juice or Beer or Glass of wine (1 per person)

Dessert: Home sweet dessert

Coffee: Coffee or Decaf or Tea

Price per person: 18,50 Euros

 Monday Menu: Fish: Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá         Meat: Feijoada à Transmontana

Tuesday Menu:     Fish: Codfish with milk cream                 Meat: Spit of Veal

Wednesday Menu:   Fish: Bacalhau à Espanhola              Meat: Stewed Veal

Thursday Menu:   Fish: Pataniscas de Bacalhau            Meat: Tripas à moda do Porto

Friday Menu:     Fish: Golden Codfish                    Meat: Carne de Porco à Alentejana

Bacalhau Gomes de Sá – Shredded codfish, in boiled diced potatoes and eggs and olive oil

Feijoada à Transmontana – Pork meat and pork sausages, cooked with red beans and vegetables in a stewed tomato sauce.  Served with white rice.

Bacalhau à Espanhola – A stew with the ingredients: Codfish, potatoes, peppers; tomatoes and onions.

Pataniscas de bacalhau – Cod fried titbits (fried in flour and egg). Served with tomato and beans rice.

Tripas à moda do Porto – Pork meat, sausages, veal (hand and casings), cooked with white beans in a stewed tomato sauce.  Served with white rice.

Carne de porco à Alentejana – Pork meat, cooked in pork fat and spices, and clams. Served with fried potato cubes.

Services at Lunches – Dinners

– Recorded music and interaction with the tourists – 170,00 Euros

Background music during the dinner. After dinner, with an animator, the tourists may dance and have fun (1 hour)

– Fado  – 370,00 euros

A Fado Singer accompanied by a Portuguese guitar and a guitar, with performance during and after the dinner.

– Belly dance – 225,00 euros

Belly dance show with a dancer. Two parts of the intervention with different clothing.

– Ballroom dance (latin and classic) 1 pair – 220,00 euros

Show of Latin and Classic dances with a pair. Presentation of 3 Classic dances, during dinner, and 3 Latin dances, after dinner. Dance with the interaction with tourists.

– Live Music – 350,00 euros

Two people (musician-sing and animator). Background music during dinner. After dinner, dance music with choreography and interaction with tourists.

– Portuguese Folklore – 400,00 euros

Demonstration of Portuguese Folklore accompanied by accordion, bass drum, triangles, Cavaquinho, singer and, at least, 4 pairs for dance. The group will present during the dinner. After dinner, a few more dances and interaction with tourists.

All the elements come dressed in traditional clothing.

Transportation service

Tourists transportation from the Hotel to the restaurant and from the restaurant to the Hotel (Oporto).

For other places, with prices upon request.

Bus – 26 seats – 260,00 Euros

Bus – 50 seats – 300,00 Euros

NOTES: All services contracted with an advance of a week and payment of the same.

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