A beautiful village 60 km from Oporto, full of beautiful landscapes… Know more

To visit

  • The Arouca Monastery
  • The Paiva footbridge
  • Freicha da Mizarela
  • Rocks Parideiras

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All about the Arouca.

A beautiful village 60 km from Oporto, full of beautiful landscapes.


At a gastronomic level, we highlight the Arouquense meat, of protected and certified origin since 1998.

The Arouquense meat stands out for its recognized quality, and for the respect for the breeding of the animals, made outdoors, by the mountain slopes. Also the goat, an animal very appreciated in the dishes of northern Portuguese gastronomy, makes its pastures in the mountains of Freita and Gralheira. The taste of these dishes is transformed when they are baked in wood stoves, the most traditional way.


Green wine is typical of this region.

Confectionery (Conventual and Regional)

We highlight the sweet chestnuts, the tongue delicacy, the nun's bellies, almond threads and cigars, Arouca's loaf of bread, the sweet black pudding and the ball of S. Bernardo.

The conventual Arouquense confectionery is based on three ingredients: eggs, sugar and almond.

To visit

The Arouca Monastery
The monastery consists of the Church, the Choir of Nuns, the Cloisters, the Refectory and the Kitchen. However, it is necessary to emphasize its Museum of Sacred Art, composed of many works of art of prominent religious inspiration.

The Paiva footbridge – an architectural work of national importance, which opened in 2015 and is located on the banks of the river Paiva, providing 8km exercise, at about 2h30m, combined with the beautiful scenery of one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

In Serra da Freita you can be admired with Freicha da Mizarela, the waterfall in the Caima River, with more than 60m. When passing by, you can see the pasture of the animals in the mountains.

In the place of the Castanheira, observe the Rocks Parideiras, a phenomenon of granitization unique in the country and rare all over the world.

Crustacean fossils

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  • Tickets to the Monastery of Arouca
  • Tickets for the Paiva Walkways
  • Tasting Conventual and regional sweets
  • Lunch
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  1. Day 1 Schedules

    07:30 – Departure from Oporto
    09:00 – Tour to Passadiços do Paiva
    12:30 – City tour
    13:30 - Lunch (tasting Arouquense meat and typical desserts)
    15:00 - Visit to the Monastery of Arouca
    Visit the convent and regional sweets shop
    17:00 - Serra da Freita, Frecha Mizarela, breeders Stones Snack
    21:00 - Arrival to Oporto

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