Sale and shipment of products

We are prepared to take the aromas and flavors of Portugal to you. Whatever the product, it will come in you the desire to return and visit us. Our Portuguese products are varied, giving relevance to wines, cheeses, vacuum packed sausages, canned preserves and Convent sweets. We dispose of packaging for transporting products and special packaging for wines, namely 3, 6 and 12 bottles. Consult our range of products, and in case of requesting a specific product, we will be at your service to help you


REGIÃO BAIRRADA Espumante Baga Bruto 2013 - Casa de Saima - 12,00 € Espumante Baga Bruto Rose 2014 - Quinta Bágeiras - 11,50 € Espumante ...

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Convent candies

Ovos Moles Aveiro - 250 gr (10 unid) - Fabridoce  -7,60 € Trouxas de ovos - 4 unid - Fabridoce - 8,60 € Trufas com ovos Moles - 120gr - ...

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